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There are water marks all through my $1 a yard Walmart fabric.  Sigh.  (Swear)  Since you can only see them if you hold them up to the light, I’m forging ahead.  Hey, I just need the practice, people.

Step 1:  DARTS!!  I’m off to grab a little coffee and some studyin’ materials.  I decided to watch THIS a few hundred times, first.

(Off subject, it appears this lady has the Pfaff machine I was shown with the built-in walking foot.  It seems to move along smooth as buttah.)

Can’t wait for Project Runway tonight!  Go, Kenley!  Go Korto!  Go Jerrel!


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“Progress” on McCalls 5654

I toyed with the idea of naming this post “Sunday-Go-To-Meetin’-Pleatin'”, but even I found that to be too hokey.  The fabric is a little meet-me-in-the-churchyard, but I wanted an inexpensive easy print to work on, and at the time I was happier with it than I was after I cut it out.  Hey, at least it isn’t floral, which is what most dresses in my closet were before the big purge.  Anyway, here it is in all its glory plus some seriously shoddy pleating and basting.  I know.  I know.  Feast your eyes.

Help!  I\'m pleating!

Oh, and I’m making Figure B.

Wish me luck.  I’m onto pockets now.

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New Projects

It’s finally dawned on me that pattern companies are not interested in boys’ clothes. After scouring through the children’s sections of every catalog I could think of, the two patterns above spoke to me and said, “Hey! Shorts are shorts.” Not sure exactly which one I’ll use, but here are the fabrics my 4yo picked out. The Mickey Mouse flannel will actually be used for pajama pants and top, although I’m thinking of buying a red t-shirt for a short-sleeved pajama shirt. Maybe, by that time, I can schedule some lessons on applique or embroidery. Or, maybe an iron-on design? That might be fun.

AND, I’m working on a new purse.  Had plans for other things, but when you get down to one workable purse, you’ve got to do something, right?  This one, if I can figure out how to line it, will be good for lugging to park days and the grocery store, etc.   Best of all, it looks to be big enough for a book.  Or two!

Progress so far—-Feast your eyes……

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