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I love watching things grow.  Trash-to-Treasure, kitchen garbage to plants…..well, I just couldn’t resist.  DH makes a fabulous cold avocado soup with fat free yogurt, so it’s Weight Watchers Core friendly.  Very filling and wonderful on hot days.  He saves the pits for me so that I can do this….

I peel the dried outer layer and then….

After watching these for several days, I realized something was wrong.  Can you guess what it is?  That’s right.  They’re upside down!  So, I restuck them and am praying this pays off.  I’ve done it successfully before, and I recall the pits taking forever to sprout a little root.

In the meantime…..

Once planted, these grow into plants in as little as a day.  No kidding, you can practically watch them grow.    Guess that’s why Jack grew a beanstalk instead of an avocado plant.


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Little Things

I set out some little cantaloupe seeds I’d sprouted, and look what I saw the very next day.

Look what I saw two days later.

Should I give up sewing and farm?

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