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Is There a Doctor in the House?


According to the folks at Roby Institute here in Austin, I’ll benefit from nasal irrigation.  They’d prefer I use a waterpik, but I’m wondering if a little cheap Netipot would work.  Many people seem to think so.    Playing detective in pursuit of the cause of my allergic reactions (hypersensitivity) involves some money.  DH has already bought me new pillows but none for himself.  If our pillows are causing problems, wouldn’t his in such close proximity to mine be just as much of  a trigger?  We’re also supposed to buy a cheap little fan with a filter on it instead of using our ceiling fans  Oh, they just suggested a whole lot of changes all of which we intend to make, BUT other things keep occuring to me.  For instance, cheapo miniblinds attract a huge amount of dust.  Wouldn’t it be better to actually have some curtains that I could take down and wash in the machine?

Oh, and there’s a diet involved, too.  Just when I had my Weight Watchers Core working well for everyone…..It’s just a five-day diet after which foods will be re-introduced to help track down any food allergies.  Still…..if I HAVE to stick to a diet, I really like for there to be a big pay-off.  Like 20 pounds gone in a week.

We pay a big price for living in Austin.

All that to say this—–no progress on any sewing or knitting or crochet for the past week or so.  BUT, it has not been put away and never will.  The Wannabe Craftster will survive.

Well, she will either survive or will ask to be put to sleep when she returns to the doctor.


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