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Sale at Hancocks

I didn’t even check the price of this pattern. A seasoned (or just smart) craftster would probably be able to figure out how to make a bean bag. Me? I need a pattern.

When my sister was a teenager, she had a good friend named Jerrianne. How cute is that? Jerriane lived in a crafty house. I remember being there parked in a homemade bean bag stuffed with real beans and watching Rich Little on tv. Mostly, I was interested in where I could find a shaggy dog like his. Jerrianne also had curtains made out of Dentynne gum, a beaded curtain in one of their doorways, and, according to rumor, a covered toilet seat. No, I mean it. The same yarnny material other people slipped over the lid….they had on the seat. This, I only heard about. And, no, I’ve never seen a pattern for it.

I’m hoping these will be EASY and possibly flattering. Feeling my age these days and am interested in some sleek silhouettes. I’ll probably have to call Sissie in on this one. And the previous one. AND the next one.

Embellished v neck tunic pattern

My post-baby body appreciates the tunic. My Texas body would appreciate short sleeves. It’s a little hot.

Embellished pullover top pattern

I generally have little confidence (but lots of hope) in my sewing abilities. BUT, I really think I might enjoy embellishing little tops like these. One thing, though. I wouldn’t NEED jewelry if I wore beads on my clothes. Isn’t that wrong? Don’t I always need jewelry?

Disco Tops

These look like disco tops to me, especially with that chain belt. 5520 appealed to me because a) it looks easy, b) lower neckline, c) covers some of the upper arm. Could it also be that I want to be as skinny as this model is? Hmmmm.

Above Mid Knee Dress

This one was hard to find. One of the nice ladies at the park showed up in a darling black dress that really inspired me. This looks nothing like it. BUT, I think it could work for me. True, it shows more than I’d like on top (my extra weight is leaving soon, I swear) right now, but again, this is darn Texas. It’s HOT. I’ll have to DEAL until those changes show up. It’s certainly not tight or showy, otherwise, but it’s not a tent-dress, either. Here are my challenges—inverted pleats, pockets, and a zipper. I’ve been studying the pattern ever since I got it. There may be some frantic telephone calls to Sissie. Or I may beg her to come help me. Not sure which.


May 26, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Those are cute patterns. I really like the one with all the dresses. No need for jewelry? Meg …. I’m really disappointed in you. Don’t ever let me hear you say something like that again!

    Comment by Sonia | May 26, 2008 | Reply

  2. It’s a sick thought, isn’t it?

    Comment by odumnobles | May 26, 2008 | Reply

  3. It IS. Slap yourself a few times – come to your senses. We’re talking about jewelry here.

    Comment by Sonia | May 27, 2008 | Reply

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