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One of my most treasured thriftshop finds of all time is this elementary school art textbook, perfect for homeschooling. Its copyright is 1961 and boasts a ton of black-and-white pictures. When I was much younger most photographs in most books were b&w. Southern Living had a mix, which really limited planning a landscape design, in my opinion. But, now that I can get multiple color pics of anything I desire, pretty much, thanks to the Net, I find that the lack of color helps me to keep my mind open. And, well, I need all the help I can get in that department. Open and functioning–my goal.

I especially loved this little blast from the past. Now that everyone is “going green,” words like “litterbug” are being cast aside. This was the extent of my knowledge (way back when) of harm being done to the environment. It’s what made the American Indian in the commercial cry, remember? I felt serious guilt every time I saw that, but in reality, the thought of throwing garbage on the ground was equal to kicking one’s grandmother in the shin. Unthinkable. At the same time, everyone knew the dump was an acceptable place to put your garbage. Not us. We burned ours. Incredible, isn’t it?

Some of the rest of these not only give me a way to do some penance but also spend some time with the boys IF they’ll sit still. Not a bad way to recycle some paper, I don’t think.

Now, the next one just makes me wish I had found this textbook back when my husband and I were dating and all things weird and somewhat antiquated scored big points for the finder. I would have been such a hit if I had presented them with this little pic for an album cover or a flyer.

Feast your eyes….


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  1. Meg, does that pre-date you? Looks pretty old. Those could be fun projects for you and the boys. When does the fun begin?

    Comment by Sonia | May 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. The fun will probably never begin if they get a load of the little girl with her underwear showing but not her face. The distrust will prevent any further family crafting, I fear.

    Oh, and my age? I’ve given up. haha

    Comment by odumnobles | May 22, 2008 | Reply

  3. Oh you’re funny. The little girl with the bag on her head is, well, a little creepy.

    Comment by Sonia | May 22, 2008 | Reply

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