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Ever Have the Shopping Dream?

Many years ago, I had my first flying dream. It was the answer to the miserable snake dream I always had where everything I touched became a snake. There were big snakes, little snakes, snakes in trees, snakes that had appeared to be logs…you get the picture. Once I began flying in my dreams, I got away from them. My husband dreams he can fly like Superman, but true to my nature, I’m struggling with a dog-paddle type of technique. In the sky. Until I heard about him soaring through the clouds, I was pretty impressed with my sub-conscious. Then I realized that that this whole time I’ve been looking utterly ridiculous, with all the grace of a mud-wrestler.

Then, I had the shopping dream. Holy moly, it beats flying. Contrast my struggle in the air with my Midas touch in dreamland boutiques where EVERYthing looks glorious in the mirror, I’m utterly regal, and unlike my back-to-school dreams in which I find myself naked with undone homework during finals when I’ve just remembered a class I signed up to but never attended nor dropped, I’m never unprepared! I reach out my hand and brand new credit cards just APPEAR with my name on them!

I have no doubt this dream came to save me from my grief when in the summer of 94, I accidentally left a skirt I had longed for all summer at the register of the boutique on the St. Germaine in Paris. Tried to go back and find the store and just could not do it. Had to leave the next day.

The shopping dream has visited me for the past two nights. The stunner last night was an A-line dress in blue with short sleeves. What prompted it was, I believe, the new Vogue summer dress pattern I saw on Erica B.’s site. Here it is.

Vogue 1048

Vogue Pattern


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